DRAINS Workshops

DRAINS 64-bit & Australian Rainfall & Runoff 2019

The Bureau of Meteorology provides 2016 intensity-frequency-duration data, and the ARR Data Hub provides ensembles of ten temporal patterns for rainfall design bursts of various durations.

Since January 2017 DRAINS has been available from Watercom incorporating these patterns and applying the new ARR 2016/2019 design procedures.

Our DRAINS Workshops incorporate the ARR 2019 procedures as part of the regular delivery of the workshop.

DRAINS Workshop Format

Based on the need to cover an abundance of new materials and procedures emerging from the ARR 2019 Guidelines, workshops since February 2017 were re-formatted into a new structure.

The current DRAINS workshops comprise of:

The contents of each workshop can be viewed by clicking on the workshop images below.

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