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Presented By:

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ladson
Tony has 30 years experience in hydrology and water management and has worked on projects throughout Australia and in the US, Taiwan and PNG. He has a PhD from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Science from the University of Minnesota. As well as being a Director of Moroka Pty Ltd, he is an adjunct Associate Professor at the Victoria University, an honorary fellow in the Waterway Ecosystem Research Group at the University of Melbourne and a teaching fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University.

Tony has worked extensively on flood hydrology including development of a flood prediction system for the Gippsland Lakes, assessment of flood severity, design and delivery of flood recovery works and hydrologic modelling including estimation of model parameters, areal reduction factors, losses, temporal patterns of rainfall and design flood hydrographs. He has also worked in flood response, providing advice during flood events. Tony has developed, organised and delivered training courses on flood management to professionals and taught a post-graduate flood hydrology unit at Monash University. Tony has more than 100 refereed publications, has completed a book on Australian Hydrology for Oxford University Press, and is a contributor to the revised edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff (Book 4 Chapter 2). In 2005 he received the GN Alexander Medal from Engineers Australia.