DRAINS Core Workshop

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The DRAINS Core workshop is intended for persons who are just beginning to use the DRAINS program.  It is meant to get them started and to know where to obtain necessary information.  It also provides a comprehensive hands-on refresher for experienced professionals wanting to learn the latest features, utilising the Premium Hydarulic model and to apply the ARR 2019 design procedures.

With the finalisation of ARR 2019 new material has been added on the new initial loss – continuing loss urban model and the pipe design procedure using rainfall ensembles.

The workshop will commence with an ARR 2019 morning seminar, covering an overview of the guidelines applied to Urban Drainage design including new ARR probability terminology, the Initial and Continuing Loss (IL-CL) hydrological model and obtaining the necessary data from online sources.

On day 2, the workshop covers further capabilities of DRAINS relating to piped urban drainage systems, considering analysis as well as design.

Procedures for design of street drainage and inter-allotment drainage are outlined, and issues such as pit inlet capacities and pressure changes are explored in depth. Detention storages such as those used for on-site detention are explored in depth.

It is suitable for civil engineers and related professionals who will be using DRAINS, and assumes no prior knowledge.  While the workshop’s basic aim is to train participants to use DRAINS, it covers the background to the use of DRAINS in designing stormwater drainage systems, and many of the complexities that a designer will encounter.

The topics covered include:

The workshop equips participants with:

  1. the ability to set up DRAINS models for design of street and property drainage systems,
  2. an awareness of design rules and advanced aspects of DRAINS,
  3. knowledge of how to obtain further information,
  4. an understanding of design requirements and processes for street and inter-allotment piped drainage systems, and
  5. understanding of detention basin calculations, and application of these in DRAINS.

Available Workshops