DRAINS Advanced Workshop

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This advanced workshop concentrates on the analysis capabilities of DRAINS, applied to (a) the planning of new drainage systems, and (b) identifying problem locations within existing drainage systems, to alleviate flooding and facilitate new developments.

To attend this Advanced workshop, it is expected that participants have completed the DRAINS Core Workshop, DRAINS Refresher Workshop, or have significant working experience of DRAINS.

Set up and configuration of ARR 2019 procedures is ASSUMED knowledge during this Advanced workshop. For participants not familiar with ARR 2019 it is recommended that they at least attend the ARR 2019 Morning Seminar presented earlier in the morning before this workshop.

The workshop is presented by Benjamin Kus and Hossein Ansari, and runs from 9 am until 5 pm, with 5.5 hours of tuition. The topics covered include:

The workshop will provide participants with:

  1. an understanding of the complexities of modelling and analysing stormwater drainage systems, and the ability to devise solutions for developments in flood-affected areas,
  2. the skills to set up, run and interpret models of these in DRAINS, and
  3. knowledge of how to incorporate open channels, culverts and complex detention basins into models and to apply storage routing hydrological models.

Participants are provided with notes and a USB drive with PDF copies of the DRAINS manual and workshop notes, spreadsheets, examples, exercises and solutions, which can be utilised for post-workshop revision.

Upcoming Workshops