Kustom Engineering E-Learning Courses

Why E-Learning?

Key Highlights:

• Start now, or at a time that suits you!
• Complete it in 2 days, or only a few hours per week - the choice is yours
• More material than the regular 2-day Core Live Webinars & Workshops
• Suitable for first time users through to advanced users
• Adjustable play-back speed
• Includes same workshop notes as the live workshops
• Options for Digital or Printed notes
• Access to a DRAINS Training License
• Money back guarantee to transfer to a Live Webinar or Face-To-Face Workshop

Kustom Engineering is proud to reveal the E-Learning DRAINS courses through its online E-Learning Portal. The team has spent countless hours preparing, recording and editing the material to provide you with an on-line training experience that exceeds the face-to-face workshop course.

The key advantages of E-Learning is that it provides digital access to the full workshop materials outside of the traditional face-to-face workshop environment for those who are unable to travel to workshop locations, to attend when scheduled, or for those seeking the flexibility of learning at their own pace. Kustom Engineering's E-Learning Portal is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select a topic for more information.